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The Gradebook is an application designed to facilitate the collection of student marks and report on student progress.

There are two versions of the gradebook. The Media-X gradebook offers support for traditional mark collection and reporting. The Marzano Standards-based Gradebook offers support for standards-based grading using a special approach to assessment. This version offers additional tools to reinforce this alternative approach to instruction.

Getting Started

Users that have signed up for the Gradebook Beta Test will find help on the Gradebook: Getting Started page of this wiki.

Before Using the Gradebook

The gradebook uses the students, teachers, and classes setup within mxWeb. These must be defined prior to using the gradebook.

Brief Overview of the Application Sections


The first step in using the gradebook is to define what concepts and categorisation of these concepts will be used with assessments.


Teachers can create assessments and grade students in multiple areas per assessment.


After marks are entered for students, the student explorer can be used to review student demographic data and a variety of student-specific reports.


Aggregate reports are available in this section and may be downloaded for use in any spreadsheet application.


The calendar allows quickly reviewing assessments for different classes and checking the workload on both students and teachers.

Student Portal

The student portal is the view of the gradebook when a student logs into it and allows them to monitor their own personal progress.

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